Marc Marcel is not only one of the most recognized performance artist of his genre, novelist and producer, but he is also one of today’s most captivating speakers. Fascinating audiences with his philosophies on life, politics, love, education, relationships, spirituality and higher consciousness, his goal is to make people ‘think’ and to be ‘aware.’ Marcel’s performance background has made it capable for his unique lecture style, at times drawing from a poem that resonates a certain subject matter. The core difference in Marcel’s performances and his lectures, is that his lectures are devoted to covering metaphysical topics and how they effect us socially. Inspiring, candid, raw, clever, thought-provoking and entertaining, are just a few descriptions of his work. Palmetto Starr, host of 2raw4tv internet radio, calls Marc, “One of the most relevant speakers of our time.”

Topics Covered:
Higher Consciousness – Our connection to the Higher Self
Energies – Beyond our Bodies
Karma – Why it is relevant?
Positive & Negative – The Ying-Yang of life
Perception – The illusion of problems
Social Relationships – Prejudices
Ego – It’s purpose and ways of misuse
Pineal Gland – Its means and use
Dreams – What do they mean to us?
Parallel Universes – What else is out there beyond the stars?
The After Life (The World of Answers)
The Physical World (The World of Questions)
The Creator – What is God, and what is God in relation to us

Setting Required for Lecture:
•Auditorium, theater or classroom
•Microphone, sound system and speakers, provided by the Event Staff

If time permits, Marc will conclude with a candid question and answer session with the audience.