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Marc Marcel Prepares to Awake the World

World Renowned Spoken Word Artist Stretches the Limits of the Mind

Baltimore, MD — Known as one of the one of the most prolific wordsmiths of his generation, with 17 released spoken word CDs and volumes of unreleased work, it is clear world renowned spoken word artist Marc Marcel is at the top of his genre.  While his talents stretch across many fields, as well as being a producer and an author, he is also one of the most sought after performance artists on ‘higher consciousness.’

Marc has been captivating his audiences for years, having performed in over 150 American cities and 5 countries.  “He is one of the most relevant speakers of our time,” says Palmetto Starr, host of 2raw4tv internet radio.

Finding it difficult to restrict himself to the labels of the spoken word art form, Marc reveals, “It took me over a decade into my profession for me to realize poetry isn’t my gift.  Poetry is just a tool I’ve been using, to spread my gift through.”

Having just released his new mind-bending book, ‘The Book that Doesn’t Even Matter,’ which is a philosophy of life, Marc explains that he has been incorporating the themes and ideas from his book into his poetry and stage performances for the past few years.  Clarifying the name of the book title, Marc explains, “The book is not important.  What you do with the information is what’s important.”

With a massive array of material, on stage, Marc strategically places his performance poetry around the social subjects he is covering.  Integrating tales from his past and present to explain the conscious awareness that came from those situations, he fills his fans with inspiration, thought, and at times deep laughter.  “It was an incredible pleasure and honor to see him perform,” said Angie Gonzalez after attending a recent show.  “He performed with such passion; I couldn’t wait to share what I experienced with those who were not as fortunate to catch his show.”

— Excerpt from poem Breathe by: Marc Marcel

I told him if he gave me the bricks, then I’ll build pyramids, I’ll take my pen and write scriptures that should be tattooed on the hearts of men, just so the ink can sink into the bloodstream and they’d believe they can be so much more than what life has given them.

Marc’s performances and interviews are all over the internet, becoming somewhat of a cult figure on nonphysical topics, such as the powers of the mind.  Diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 10, Marc may be a good example of how positive thought can effectively dictate your reality, exceeding the early boundaries brought on from his disability to become one of the most important ‘thinkers’ of our day.  He is Spoken Word, at its rawest, highest level of performance!

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